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Cross Connection Radio

Music Is The Soundtrack Of Our Lives

Each week on "Cross Connection" we play a secular song from the the last several decades that has either Christian lyrics or principles directly related to the Scriptures. We then discuss the author and/or artist(s) and the song.

We look into the lyrics of each song - relating it to the time in which it was originally played on the radio and what, if any, meaning it has today.

We make a "Cross Connection" to each song and relate the lyrics to the "timeless" principles taught in God's word. At times, we part theological company with those who might use their talents in music to deny God's word. We always do our best to point that out on the program. In all, we hold true to the Word without compromise!  We do not attempt to judge or promote the lifestyle of any artist we feature but rather look at their work and use the songs to share God's love.

Our hosts each week are Mick Wells and Pastor Rick Smith. Our format is very laid back and has been described as two guys discussing music while having a cup of coffee.’

Tune us in, check us out. 

Wednesday Mornings 11:30 am
Saturday Mornings 10:30 am
Changing the World...One Life at a Time.
Marshall Road Church
4400 Marshall Road | Kettering, Ohio 45429 | (937) 299-5223
Pastor Rick Smith